The Business was founded back in 2008 with broader vision and greater efforts. Engineering Solutions and Services known as ESOLS is committed to manufacture technical subject matter. We provide institutions and educators with unprecedented, Avant-grade and superior quality technical training systems. ESOLS is one of the leading manufacturer of technical education systems in Pakistan.

Our prime emphasis on maintaining technical hardware and course-ware that formulate students for their future endeavors in the fields of Electrical and Electronics, Computer Network Hardware, Embedded Telecommunication systems, Industrial Automation, Electrical machines, Metal machines and Cut Model Systems, PCB Design, Mechanical Engineering Products.

ESOLS deals in manufacturing the products of the following fields: Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Instrumentation & Control, Telecommunication Engineering, Mechanical and Civil Engineering., Green Engineering, Biomedical Engineering and Chemical Engineering. Our equipment is used at various levels for training and advanced post-graduate courses at technical schools, universities, organizations and industrial training centers all over the country.

ESOLS provide Training and different after sales services like product exchange in case of any damage from company’s side. We also provide warranty of our products up-to 3 years with specific terms and conditions according to the policy of the company.