2 Stroke Petrol Engine Test Bed (SMT-ICE-2)

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Engine: Petrol Engine (2 Stroke)
Single cylinder
Air cooled, High Efficiency
Power: 3 to 5 hp
Dynamometer: Eddy Current Type
Power: 3 to 5 hp
Instrumentation include sensors for:
Temperature (Inlet and outlet temperatures),
Exhaust gas sensor.
Pressure & Volume Sensors.
Sensor variables will be logged on the user's computer in real time through software provided with the engine.
Data logging and analysis functions will be provided in the software.
Engine indicator set should be capable of construction of real time PV diagram of the cycle with above mentioned interchangeable
Pressure & Volume Sensors.
Technical Specifications:

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Petrol Engine (2 Stroke) Single Cylinder An automotive, high efficiency, air cooled, normally aspirated 2-stroke petrol engine test bed complete with all services and ancillaries required to run the engine in the lab environment. The engine will be compatible with above mentioned Eddy Current Dynamometer. All moving parts and hot surfaces will be protected by guards.