4 Stroke Petrol Engine Test Bed (SMT-ICE-3)

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Engine: Petrol Engine (4-stroke)
Single cylinder
Air Cooled
Power: 5hp
Dynamometer: Eddy current type
Power: 5hp
All moving parts and hot surfaces will be protected by guards.
Throttling and brake load are controlled remotely. Instrumentation include sensors for:
a) Engine speed
b) Torque
c) Air flow
d) Temperature (Inlet and outlet temperatures),
e) Exhaust gas sensor
Sensor data can be logged on the user's computer in real time through software provided with the engine.
Data logging and analysis functions can be provided in the software.
Engine indicator set should be capable of construction of real time PV diagram including Pressure & Volume Sensors.
Technical Specifications:

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Engine Test Bed is with Petrol Engine (4 Stroke) single cylinder & PV Sensor. An automotive, high efficiency, normally aspirated 4-stroke petrol engine test bed complete with all services and ancillaries to run the engine more than 5hp. Variable load, eddy current dynamometer which acts as a brake, enabling direct measurement of torque. Dynamometer completely integrated with the engine and mounted within the main frame of the engine. Is Capable of alterations to fuel to air ratio. Supported on strong steel frame with flexible mounts. Frame houses fuel tank, electrical enclosures etc.