AM DSBSSB Receiver Trainer(SMT-7102)

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Type: Super Heterodyne AM Receiver.
Frequency Range: 955 KHz to 2055 KHz.
Antenna: Standard AM antenna.
On Board Devices:
RF Amplifier.
Local Oscillator.
Beat Frequency Oscillator.
IF Amplifier 1.
IF Amplifier 2.
Super Heterodyne AM Receiver (DSB).
Product Detector (SSB).
Local Oscillator: 455 KHz.
Technical specification

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SMT-7202 is the training system which is designed to give the student a deep understanding
of recovery techniques of Amplitude Modulation signal. Receiver is designed similar to that
of a commercial Radio Receiver. Trainer demonstrates Super heterodyne Receiver with
Automatic gain control (AGC) technique to demodulate the received AM DSB signal.AM SSB
signal is received using product detector technique.