AM DSBSSB Transmitter Trainer(SMT-7101)

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Micro phone Input: Input through micro
phone with volume control.
Audio Generator: Frequency and Amplitude
adjustable. Frequency range up to 3.4 KHz.
Modulator: Balanced Modulator for AM-DSB
and AM-SSB.
Local Oscillator: 455 KHz.
SSB Filter: 450 KHz Ceramic Band pass Filter.
Carrier Frequency: Adjustable 1 MHz
Transmitter: RF amplifier with antenna.
Audio Amplifier: IC based with adjustable
Speaker: 8 Ohm.
Interconnections: 2mm gold plated pins.
Accessories: Experiment Manual, 2mm patch
cords and Micro phone.
Technical specification

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SMT-7101 is the comprehensive training system designed to analyse the DSB/SSB techniques
used for Amplitude Modulation. The trainer consists of signal generator and Modulator
section. The trainer provides the full understanding of conventional Amplitude
Modulation circuits. Trainer can transmit modulated signal at certain power level so signal is
received by its receiver part.