AM FM Radio Trainer(SMT-7107)

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(AM Radio):
Amplifier: Audio Amplifier IC Based.
Detector: AM Detector Circuit with AGC Stage.
IF Amplifier 1: Second AM IF Amplifier.
IF Amplifier 2: First AM IF 2 Amplifier.
Oscillator: AM Oscillator and Mixer.
Antenna: Standard AM Antenna with stand.
(FM Radio):
Detector: Ratio Detector.
IF Amplifier 1: First FM IF Amplifier.
IF Amplifier 2: Second FM IF Amplifier.
Oscillator: FM Oscillator with mixer.
Amplifier: FM RF Amplifier with AFC Stage.
Antenna: FM Telescopic Antenna.
Gang: AM/FM Gang for Tuning.
Speaker: 8 Ohm.
Accessories: Experiment Manual, Headphone.
Technical specification

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The AM/FM Radio Trainer is a “super heterodyne” receiver of the standard AM (amplitude
modulation) and FM (frequency modulation) broadcast frequencies. The unique design of the
trainer allows students identify the parts over their corresponding symbol in the schematic
drawing on the surface of the printed circuit board. This technique maximizes the learning
process. The Trainer is broken down into 9 sections. The theory of operation for each section,
or stage, should be read before the experiments and alignment is started.