Audio Input Audio Output Module (SMT-7105)

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Audio Input:
Input Source: Microphone.
Input Selector: External Tone /
Low Pass Filter: 5th Order
Butterworth (3.4 KHz Cutoff).
Amplifier: Audio Amplifier with gain
Audio Output:
Output Source: Headphone.
Output Volume: Adjustable.
Output Speaker: 8ohm.
2mm patch cords.
Technical specification

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Audio Input part of this module accepts audio input signals from microphone or an external
source, like a function generator. Gain of this signal can be controlled using gain control knob.
Moreover a low pass filter is also provided to study the effects of noise. This signal can be
used as an audio source for Digital or Analog Communication Trainers. Audio Output part is
used to observe the signals received from different demodulators. Gain of the received signal
can be adjusted using gain control knob. This also provides option for connection of headset.