AVR Microcontroller Training System (M-310B)

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• Main Motherboard:
• A/D Converter.
• D/A Converter.
• 128X64 Graphical LCD.
• 16X4 Character LCD.
• Four 7-Segment Displays.
• 8X Monitor LEDs.
• 2X I2C EEPROM Interface.
• DC Motor with optical encoder & direction control.
• Stepper motor with drive circuit.
• R/C Servo motor with drive circuit.
• Programmable Peripheral Interface 82C55.
• 5X4 Matrix Keypad.
• 2X Interrupt Source.
• 8-Bit DIP Switches.
• Serial Port Interface USB Programmer for 8051

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AVR Microcontroller Training System is an AVR based Microcontroller Training System. This
system contains standalone peripheral devices like Graphical LCD, Keypad, DC Motor, Stepper
Motor, etc. Trainer motherboard contains all the peripheral devices, device programmer and
device mounting option. This enables students to perform experiments on AVR
Microcontroller platform.