Basic Refrigeration Trainer (Absorption Type) (SMT-RAC-01)

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Operation of an absorption refrigeration system.
Main system components: evaporator, absorber,
boiler with bubble pump, condenser.
Ammonia-water solution as working medium,
hydrogen as auxiliary gas.
• Three ton.
• 36000 BTU per hour.
Electrical Heater operated at 220 Vac.
LI-BR chemical.
Technical specification

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Absorption refrigeration systems operate using thermal energy. They use the principle of
liquids evaporating already at low temperatures when pressure is reduced. This basic
principle is demonstrated in the experimental unit SMT-RAC-01 with the example of an
ammonia-water solution with the ammonia acting as refrigerant. In the evaporator the liquid
ammonia evaporates and withdraws heat from the environment. To keep the evaporation
pressure low, the ammonia steam in the absorber is absorbed by the water. In the next step,
ammonia is permanently removed from the high concentration ammonia solution to prevent
the absorption process from being halted. For this purpose, the high concentration ammonia
solution is heated in a generator until the ammonia evaporates again. In the final step, the
ammonia steam is cooled in the condenser to the base level, condenses and is returned to
the evaporator.