Basic Refrigeration Trainer (Compression Type) (SMT-RAC-00)

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Portable stand including:
Thermal glass.
High and low pressure cut-out.
Flow meter.
Two gauges.
Multi refrigerant control.
Electrical board with supply control and safety
Three electric measurement.
Technical specification

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The setup of represents a typical refrigeration circuit consisting of a hermetic compressor,
condenser, evaporator and expansion element. Evaporator and condenser are designed as
finned tube heat exchangers. The pipes of both heat exchangers are partially transparent to
visualize the process of the phase transition during evaporation and condensing. Three
capillary tubes of different lengths and a thermostatic expansion valve can be compared as
expansion elements. The trainer is equipped with a receiver for refrigerant. Using the
receiver, refrigerant can be added to or removed from the refrigeration circuit. This allows
for the effects of overfilling or under filling of the system to be examined.