Bernoulli’s Theorem (SMT-FM-01)

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Familiarisation with Bernoulli’s principle
6 tube manometers for displaying the static
Single tube manometer for displaying the
total pressure
Axially movable Pitot tube for determining
the total pressure at various points within the
Venturi nozzle
Technical specifications

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Bernoulli’s principle describes the relationship between the flow velocity of a fluid and its
pressure. An increase in velocity leads to a reduction in pressure in a flowing fluid, and vice
versa. The total pressure of the fluid remains constant. Bernoulli’s equation is also known as
the principle of conservation of energy of the flow. The experimental unit includes a pipe
section with a transparent Venturi nozzle and a movable Pitot tube for measuring the total
pressure. The Pitot tube is located within the Venturi nozzle, where it is displaced axially.
The position of the Pitot tube can be observed through the Venturi nozzle’s transparent front