CDMA Transceiver Trainer (SMT-7209)

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8-bit Data Generator: For generation of
Binary Data.
Word length: 8 bit.
Clock frequency: 2K, 4K, 8K, 16K, 32K,
Data format: NRZ.
PN Sequence generator:
PN Sequence Bit length: 15
Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum
(DSSS) Coder and Decoder Analog
signal generator: Variable up to 3.4 KHz.
Carrier generator: 455 KHz.
Modulator: Binary Phase Shift Keying
Demodulator: Binary Phase Shift Keying
Technical specification

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CDMA Transceiver Trainer provides students to explore the basic technique of CDMA
communication. The trainer shows the coding scheme used in CDMA communication and
modulation / demodulation concept. The trainer also provides the digital coding / decoding
of voice signal using CVSD technique and PC-PC communication using software.