Clutch Plate Friction (SMT-MM-29)

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Self-contained, wall mounted.
To enable determination of coefficient of friction
and minimum torque to maintain rotation.
Interchangeable brake lining friction material.
3 diameters of friction plate to be supplied.
Torque application to be applied using cord and
Variable plate pressure using calibrated weights
Comprehensive instruction manual for students
and lecturer supplied.
Technical specification

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The wall mounted apparatus comprises a lower stationary plate attached to a sturdy wall
mounting bracket. On top of this stationary disc sits an upper aluminium alloy plate whose
shaft rotates in ball bearings but which is in direct contact with the stationary plate.
Sandwiched between the lower and upper plate are friction discs, of 3 different sizes. Each
disc is positioned in turn. The minimum force on the friction disc is the self-weight of the
upper plate, but the contact pressure can be increased by adding weights to the upper plate.
Pure torque is applied to the upper plate through two loaded cords and pulleys. The cords
wrap around a groove in the upper plate. Three interchangeable friction discs are supplied of
different diameters. Each one sits onto location pins in the lower plate. A set of calibrated
weights is supplied which enable the loading force to be varied and applied torque to be
adjusted also.