Combine Bending and Torsion of Bars Apparatus (SMT-SM-22)

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Elastic deformation of bars under
bending or torsion
Bending tests with statically determinate
and indeterminate systems
Torsion tests with a statically determinate
Supports in the bending test may be
clamped or free
2 adjustable blocks with clamping chuck
for torsion tests and supports for bending
Weights to generate the bending or
twisting moment
Dial gauge with bracket
storage system to house the components
Technical Specifications:

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As the Bending and torsion are typical loads due to which components failure occur. A
number of different factors play a role in this, including the material, the cross-section of the
bar, the clamping length and the method of bearing support. This Apparatus investigates the
influence of these factors on the deformation of a bar under bending load or twisting
moment. For direct comparison set of test bars has been assembled. The bar under
investigation is fixed to two movable support blocks and loaded down by a weight.
A dial gauge records the resulting deformation. The support blocks include clamping chucks
to hold the torsion bars and supports for the bars in the bend test. The supports offer a range
of clamping options, enabling statically determinate or indeterminate bearing supports to be
The twisting moment is applied by a device mounted on a support block. The point of load
application to generate the bending moment is adjustable.
The unit has Optional Software for computer connectivity, monitoring & display and data
analysis on computer.