Combine Convection and Radiation Unit (SMT-HT-34)

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Heater: Rod Heater with surface thermocouple.
Diameter: 10 mm.
Length: 70~80 mm.
Blower: Air blower up to 15m/s.
Air temperature sensor.
Heater surface temperature sensor.
Air velocity meter.
Technical specification

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The Combined Convection and Radiation consists of one electrically heated rod, a blower and
an array of sensor (temperature and air velocity) to study heat transfer by convection and
radiation. When a heated cylinder dissipates its energy (heat) to the surrounding, it will obey
the heat transfer properties which are the convection and radiation. The blower is used to
simulate forced convection which can be adjusted according to the desired speed. This
instrument can help student to understand the basic concept of heat transfer which happen
every day in our life.