Combined Cycle (Gas and Steam) Power Plant (SMT-HT-150)

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Touch LCD with GUI Interface for better monitoring and accurate measurement of Plant variables.
Experiments relating to the function and behaviour during operating of a combined cycle Power
Plant and its efficiency.
Operation with power turbine and generator.
Asynchronous motor with frequency converter as generator.
Start-up fan to start the high-pressure turbine.
Steam Generating Fire tube boiler.
Steam turbine to use generated heat of Gas turbine.
Effective silencing at intake and exhaust for laboratory operation.
Sensors record all relevant data visualised on displays in the process schematic.
Uses industrial parts, powered by kerosene for realistic tests and results
ESOLS DAQ Software for monitoring and control.
Technical Specifications:

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The SMT-HT-150 trainer helps to study the behaviour of combined cycle Power Plant. The
trainer has two turbines one is Gas Turbine and other is Steam Turbine. In this system one
turbine (the high-pressure turbine) drives the compressor and the other turbine (the power
turbine) supplies the effective power, the heat generated in the first turbine cycle of Gas
turbine is reused in steam boiler driven by that heat and generated steam is further used to
generate power from steam turbine. Thus, two turbines in one system with approximately
double efficiency.
The efficiency is increased in this Combined Power Plant System than the Gas turbine and
steam turbine run separately.
The trainer includes the following components: compressor, tubular combustion chamber
and high-pressure turbine; fuel system; starter and ignition system; lubrication system;
power turbine; generator; and measuring and control equipment. The complete unit is called
gas turbine. The Steam Turbine system has fire tube boiler system, the steam turbine and
Electrical power generator.