Combustion Laboratory Unit (SMT-HT-32)

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Touch LCD with GUI Interface for better monitoring and accurate measurement of Plant variables.
Anodized aluminum frame and panels made of painted steel.
The unit includes wheels to facilitate its mobility.
Diagram in the front panel with distribution of the elements similar to the real one.
Cooling jacket with thermometer, manometer and pressure switch to avoid overpressure in the
Sensors record all relevant data visualised on displays in the process schematic.
ESOLS DAQ Software for monitoring and control.
Technical Specifications:

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The Combustion Laboratory Unit is mounted on a frame, allowing easy access to the burner,
controls and combustion chamber. The package burner starts with an air purge, ignites its
appropriate fuel (oil or gas) and automatically sets to a safe firing condition. Combustion air
is provided by the integral fan, and a sensor monitors the flame, shutting the fuel valve in the
event of flame failure. Air/fuel ratio and fuel firing rate can then be varied by the user.
Gas from either an LPG cylinder stored outside the building, or from local mains supply, is fed
through pipes to the connections on the frame. Oil is supplied from portable tanks
provisioned with the oil burner. The flame burns within a stainless-steel combustion chamber
which is water cooled and of sufficient size to prevent flame impingement under normal
conditions. Observation windows on the side of the chamber allow the flame to be observed.
The unit also includes a manual digital analyzer for the combustion fumes. It allows to
determine the composition of such gases, the air excess, content in O2, CO, CO2 and CO/CO2