Continuous and Discontinuous Rectification (Distillation) with 7” Touch LCD and DAQ Software (SMT-CP-104)

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Complete stand-alone unit to demonstrate and measurement of Continuous and Discontinuous
Rectification (Distillation) with packed and sieve tray columns.
Touch LCD 7’’ with GUI Interface for better monitoring and accurate measurement of Plant
DAQ Software for PC Connect and Data measurement and Calculations.
Interchangeable columns
Sieve tray column with 8 trays, 3 feed inlets
Packed column with Raschig rings
Vacuum mode possible with water jet pump
Electrically heated evaporator
Tanks for feed, bottom and top product
Heat exchanger for bottom product cooling due to feed preheating or cooling water
Condenser and phase separation tank for top product
All tanks made of DURAN glass and stainless steel
Adjustment of reflux ratio using valves
8 temperature sensors per column
Digital Instrumentation for accurate measurement.
Technical Specifications:

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Distillation is used to separate liquid mixtures made up of individual liquids that are soluble
in one another. Rectification refers to distillation in a counter flow. Ethanol/water is
recommended as the liquid mixture for this unit. It is fed into the column. It partially
evaporates on its way to the bottom of the column where it is heated to boiling. The mixed
vapour produced then moves upwards in the column. The mixed vapour contains a higher
concentration of the component with the lower boiling point (ethanol). It leaves the top of
the column and is condensed using a condenser and a phase separation tank. Part of this
condensate is collected in a tank as product while the rest is fed back into the column. Here,
on its way downwards, it undergoes further heating and material exchange with the rising
mixed vapour. This exchange causes the vapour phase to become richer in ethanol and the
liquid phase to become richer in water. The liquid phase moves to the bottom and can be
collected in two tanks.
A heat exchanger allows the feed to be preheated by the bottom product carried away from
the column. A sieve tray column and a packed column are available. The sieve tray column
has three connections at different heights for the feed. The packed column is filled with
Raschig rings. The reflux ratio is adjusted using valves.