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Fixed DC Power Supply: +12V, -12V & +5V
Motor: DC with IR Encoder, R/C Servo, Stepper with IR Encoder
Sensor: Temperature(Monolithic Type), Light Intensity(CDS), Rotational(IR interruptive)
Light Source: 2X Lamps with Disturbance Control
Temperature Source: Resistive Heater with Fan
Driver: Dual H-Bridge, Relay
Alarm Indicator: Buzzer
Analog Source: 0 ~ 10V
Display: 10-point LED Bar
PC Interface: Analog I/O, Digital I/O with USB interface
Software: Interfaced with Training System to Implement Open/Closed Loop Experiments
Signal Conditioning: V/F Converter, F/V Converter, PWM Generator, ON/OFF Controller & Amplifier
Accessories: Power Cord, Experiment Manual, 2mm Patch Cords, Software CD, USB Cable
Technical Specifications:

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The system is design to demonstrate the control system theory and feedback system. Trainer demonstrates DC motor and DC servo control techniques comprehensive. Trainer contains on board temperature and light sensors which can be used for the study of Control system. There is a wide range of experiments which can be performed on the trainer. Application software for Interfacing with PC increases range of experiments.