Cooling Tower Trainer (SMT-RAC-06)

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Basic unit: Constructed in Impact Resistant Plastic
and housing load tank with 0.5 and 1.0 kW heaters
and float level control, make-up tank, bronze
circulating pump, air fan, electrical control panel
with digital temperature indicator.
Packed Column ‘B’: Constructed in transparent
P.V.C. with eight decks of inclined laminated plastic
packing, water distribution troughs and pressure
tappings. Packing density 110m2 per m3.
Cap: Transparent P.V.C. fitted with 80mm dia.
Sharp edged orifice, droplet arrester and water
Technical specification

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Reproduces all the processes that are found in an industrial system serviced by a forced
draught cooling tower. The unit incorporates a process load, circulating pump, packed
column, water distribution, volume control system and fan. Standard instrumentation
allows measurement of the air, circulating water mass flow rate and all end state
temperatures using wet and dry bulb thermocouples. Evaporation rates under varying load
and flow conditions can also be investigated.