Coriolis Force Apparatus (SMT-TM-44)

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Touch LCD Display and control
Visualisation of the Coriolis force effect
Rotating reference frame consisting of
transparent water tank with
submersible pump on a rotating arm
Deflection of a water jet in radial
direction dependent on the speed and
direction of rotation
Scale to read the deflection of the
water jet
Closed water circuit
Speed sensor with LCD display
Technical Specifications:

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This apparatus demonstrates the phenomena of Coriolis force in rotating system. As we know
When a mass moves relative to the reference system within a rotating reference system, this
movement is deflected. This deflection is caused by the Coriolis force, an apparent or inertial
force. The Coriolis force plays a crucial role in meteorology and physical oceanography, since
it influences the course of air and water currents due to the Earth’s rotation.
A transparent water tank with submersible pump is placed on a rotatable arm and then
rotated. Within the rotating reference system, the pump produces a water jet in a radial
direction. Depending on the flow rate of the pump or the water velocity, as well as speed and
direction of rotation, the water jet is visibly deflected due to the Coriolis force. The degree of
deflection can be determined by means of a scale on the water tank. The speed is
continuously adjustable, electronically controlled and digitally displayed.
This Apparatus has Touch LCD Display and control. The unit has Optional Software for
computer connectivity, monitoring & display and data analysis on computer.