Creep Testing Apparatus (SMT-SM-12)

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Touch LCD with GUI Interface for better
monitoring and accurate measurement
of Plant variables.
Investigation of creep behaviour of
different materials in creep rupture test
flat lead and plastic (PE) specimens
Demonstrates effect of temperature on
Supplied with weights and test
Storage system for parts.
ESOLS DAQ Software for monitoring and
Technical Specifications:

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This Apparatus uses specimens of lead and different plastics which creep significantly at room
temperature and under low loads. Its main part is a simple lever (load beam) with a
mechanical advantage of 8:1. The load beam gives a steady and uniform tensile load. A digital
indicator measures the extension (creep) of the specimen under load. To ensure correct
loading of the specimen, the load beam has a ball-bearing pivot. To apply a load, you can add
weights to a weight hanger and measure time and the creep. For effect-of- temperature tests,
the student freezes or heats a cool- pack and places it next to the specimen. They then fit the
transparent enclosure to preserve the temperature around the specimen during the test.
Students may record and plot results by hand, using a timer and the readings from the digital
indicator and digital temperature indication.
The unit has Touch LCD display for visualization of process and the measurements. The Unit
is also connected to Software for computer connectivity and data analysis. The Touch screen
and computer software is included in the package.