CVSD Transceiver Trainer (SMT-7211)

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Clock Generator: 8K, 16K, 32K, 64K.
Audio Signal generator: Adjustable
frequency & gain.
Encoder: CVSD.
Decoder: CVSD.
Low Pass Filter: 5th Order Butterworth
Filter with 3.4 KHz cut off.
Amplifier: AC amplifier with variable gain.
Audio Amplifier: Monolithic amplifier
with speaker.
Technical specification

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CVSD Transceiver Trainer is the Continuously Variable Slope Delta Modulator (CVSD) is a
simple alternative to more complex conventional conversion technique, like PCM, in systems
requiring digital communication of analog signals. The CVSD A-D conversion is well suited to
the requirements of digital communications and is an economically efficient means of
digitizing analog inputs for transmission. This trainer explores the functionality of CVSD
Encoding / Decoding technique. All required sectioned are provided on board like, clock
generator, audio generator, microphone interface, low pass filter, audio output and ac