Demonstration Francis Turbine (SMT-FM-16)

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Function of a Francis turbine.
Transparent front panel for observing the operating
Loading the turbine by use of the band brake.
Adjustable guide vanes for setting different angles of
Marking on brake drum for non-contact speed
Instruments: spring balances for determining the
torque, manometer shows pressure at turbine inlet
Technical specification

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Water turbines are turbo-machines utilising water power. The Francis turbine is a type of
reaction turbine which converts the pressure energy of the water into kinetic energy in the
distributor and in the rotor. The water is fed in the distributor by means of a spiral housing.
The flowing water is accelerated in the distributor by the adjustable guide vanes and directed
onto the blades. The redirection and further acceleration of the water in the rotor generates
an impulse which is transmitted to the rotor. The experimental unit consists of the rotor, the
distributor with adjustable guide vanes, a band brake for loading the turbine and a housing
with a transparent front panel. The transparent cover enables to observe the water flow, the
rotor and the guide vanes during operation. The angle of attack and thus the power of the
rotor are modified by adjusting the guide vanes.