Demonstration Pelton Turbine (SMT-FM-14)

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Recording the curves of a Pelton turbine and
investigating the influence of the nozzle crosssection.
Transparent front panel for observing the operating
Loading the turbine by use of a band brake.
Adjustable nozzle needle for setting different nozzle
Non-contact speed measurement at the turbine shaft
and force sensor at the brake for measuring the
Force sensor at the turbine inlet
Technical specification

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The Pelton turbine is a type of free-jet resp. impulse turbine which convert the pressure
energy of water into kinetic energy entirely in the distributor. Pelton turbines are used at
large heads and relatively low flow rates. The turbine power is adjusted by means of the
nozzle cross-section. In practice, Pelton turbines are used for driving synchronous generators,
where they run at constant speed. The experimental unit consists of the Pelton wheel, a
needle nozzle used as distributor, a band brake for loading the turbine and a housing with a
transparent front panel. The transparent cover enables you to observe the water flow, the
Pelton wheel and the nozzle during operation. You can change the nozzle cross-section and
thus the flow rate by adjusting the nozzle needle.