Drum Brake Friction Apparatus (SMT-MM-40)

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Experiment on the friction forces in a drum
brake with leading and trailing shoes.
Direct comparison of braking and peripheral
To have drum torque and braking load applied
by weight hangers and cords
Used in the determination of coefficient of
Usage of an industrial brake shoe.
Brake drum mounted on ball bearings id
180mm, od 190mm, anodised aluminium.
Technical Specifications:

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The table unit is used for investigating a drum brake. The objective is to determine the
coefficient of friction. A ball bearing mounted anodised aluminium drum is driven by a rope
around its circumference loaded with weights. A further weight operates the ball bearing
mounted eccentric cams via a rope and thus the brake shoes in the drum. A direct comparison
of braking force to driving peripheral force is thus possible. The difference between a leading
and trailing brake can be simply demonstrated by reversing the direction of rotation.