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Variable Three-phase AC and Variable DC power supply 1.1kW EST-M001 (1)
2 Resistive load (Single &Three Phase 1.1kW) EST-1017R (1)
3 Inductive load (Single &Three Phase 1.1kW) EST-1017L (1)
4 Capacitive load (Single &Three Phase 1.1kW) EST-1017C (1)
5 Variable DC Power Supply For Excitation EST-2108T01 (1)
6 Digital AC/DC voltmeter (125-250-500V) EST-2109T3PV (2)
7 Digital AC/DC ammeter (5A) EST-2109T5A (2)
8 Three Phase Power Meter (kWh, kVARh included) EST-2109T29 (2)
9 RPM Meter with Sensor EST-2109R1 (1)
10 Torque Indicator with Sensor EST-2109T1 (1)
11 Rheostat EST-210T9 (1)
12 Two level Frame with table EST-2109F (1)
13 Connecting Wires EST-2109CW (1)
14 Single Phase Transformer EST-2107T1 (1)
15 Three Phase Transformer EST-2107T3 (1)
16 DC Shunt Machine 1.1kW EST-2105MG1 (1)
17 DC Series Machine 1.1kW EST-2105MG2 (1)
18 DC Compound Machine (Can be used as Shunt, Series and
Compound) Generator 1.1kW
EST-2105MG3 (1)
19 AC Single Phase Induction Capacitor Start Motor 1.1kW EST-2105M1 (1)
20 AC Single Phase Induction Capacitor Start Cap Run Motor
EST-2105M2 (1)
21 AC Three Phase Induction Motor 1.1kW EST-2105M3 (1)
22 AC Three Phase Slip Ring Machine (Can be used as Motor and AC
Generator) Machine 1.1kW
EST-2105M4 (1)
23 AC Three Synchronous Machine 1.1kW EST-2105M5 (1)
24 Universal Base for Motors and Generators EST-2109MB (1)
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This Modular type training system comprises of AC / DC Machines and Transformer
Modules with Digital Meters. This Training system contains high accuracy digital meters for
accurate values without any human error. The system provides a hands-on approach to
the understanding of electrical machines principles suitable for training technician and
undergraduate engineers.