Power Utilization Trainer (EST-EPU04)

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This training system has been designed to provide the students with a fully comprehensive knowledge in Electrical Power Engineering systems. The trainer is composed of a set of modules for the simulation of the various subsystems forming a complete electrical power system, from power generation to energy utilization.

Technical Specifications

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  • Energy consumers, in particular the large ones like the industrial plants, are now obliged, either by contract or for reasons of economy, to provide reactive power compensation for their equipment.
  • If the consumer refuses to set up a compensating facility, the power supply companies install reactive power meters and the reactive power which is consumed must be paid for.
  • However, even modern and efficient compensating facilities often create difficulties in generating harmonic currents and generate harmonic-related problems in conjunction with other components of the network.
  • In fact, the compensating capacitors and the feeding transformers or the supply network form a parallel oscillating circuit that can result in resonances which may cause damage to all the adjoining network installations.
  • The subjects related to reactive power compensation and reactive power controllers are addressed in this laboratory.
  • Finally, the laboratory deals also with the problem of the measurement of active and reactive power. Induction meters are usually employed for measuring electrical energy in ac current and in three-phase networks.
  • These meters firstly provide the basis for calculating the cost of the power to be debited to the consumer and secondly are an important mean for the power supply companies to identify the need for an extension or a modification of the supply network.
  • These topics are analyzed from the theoretical point of view and also by means of practical examples.