Energy Losses in Pipe Bends and Fittings Apparatus (SMT-FM-03)

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Compact in size, easy to use and handle.
Measurement of Pressure loss in flow though different pipe fittings and in Gate Valve.
Pipe Fitting Measurement objects are
sudden contraction and sudden enlargement,
pipe bend,
segment bend,
pipe angle and
Gate valve as measurement objects
It Includes three different bends – mitre, elbow and large radius.
Direct comparison of pressure loss across different pipe fittings and their ‘k’ value
12 tube manometers for displaying the pressures
2 Bourdon tube pressure gauge for pressure measurement
Flow rate is measured using base water supply hydraulic Bench. (SMT-FM-100)
Technical Specifications:

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The Losses in Bends and Fittings apparatus has been designed for students experiment on the investigation of energy losses in pipe bends and fittings as well as gate valve. The equipment is mounted on a free-standing framework supporting the test pipe work and instrumentations. These pipe fittings include miter bend, 90° elbow, sweep bend, contraction and enlargement.
Bends and fittings are all instrumented with upstream and downstream pressure tapings connected to a bank of twelve water manometer tubes. The manometer tubes are pressurized by a hand pump. The system has wo manometers, Bourdon type: 0 – 2.5 bar. A gate valve is provided to control the flow rate and a separate gate valve is supplied with upstream and downstream pressure tapings connected to a differential gauge.