Extended Surface Heat Transfer Apparatus (SMT-HT-33)

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Touch LCD with GUI Interface for better monitoring and accurate measurement of Plant variables.
Shows how a long thin rod conducts heat along it and how heat is lost due to radiation and convection
Table Top stand-alone Unit.
ESOLS DAQ Software for monitoring and control.
Technical Specifications:

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In this apparatus long horizontal rod, which is heated at one end, provides an extended
surface (pin) for heat transfer measurements. Thermocouples at regular intervals along the
rod allow the surface temperature profile to be measured. By making the diameter of the rod
small in relation to its length, thermal conduction along the rod can be assumed to be onedimensional
and heat loss from the tip can be ignored.
The unit has Touch LCD display for visualization of process and the measurements. The Unit
is also connected to Software for computer connectivity and data analysis. The Touch screen
and computer software is included in the package.