Fatigue Testing Machine (SMT-SM-04)

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Basic principles of fatigue strength testing.
Driven by electric motor.
Automatically shuts down when the
specimen fractures.
Load application device with sliding movable
support, threaded spindle with hand wheel,
spring balance.
Steel cylindrical specimens, various fillet radii.
Speed measured by contactless inductive
speed sensor or electronic counter for load
Protective cover for safe operation.
Touch LCD Display and control
Technical Specifications:

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This Machine demonstrates the basic principles of fatigue strength testing and the creation
of a Wöhler diagram. As we know moving components and machine parts are often exposed
to periodically fluctuating loads. Even if the dynamic load is far below the static load capacity,
this load can lead to fracture of the component after a long time because of material fatigue.
The fatigue strength and design strength of components are determined in fatigue strength
tests or endurance tests.
In the experiment, a cantilever-mounted and rotating cylindrical specimen is subjected to a
single force. The load on the specimen corresponds to a cantilever bending beam. The
specimen is subjected to a pure reverse bending stress and breaks after a certain number of
load cycles because of material fatigue. The necessary force is generated in the load
application device by means of a spring balance and a movable support. The load amplitude
can be adjusted continuously using the preload of the spring balance by means of a threaded
spindle. An electronic counter registers the number of load cycles and displays it on LCD. The
counter can also be used to measure the speed.
When the specimen breaks, the stop switch stops the electric motor automatically. A
protective cover protects against flying fragments. Specimens with various fillet radii are
included in the scope of delivery to demonstrate the notching effect and the influence of the
This Apparatus has Touch LCD Display and control. The unit has Optional Software for
computer connectivity, monitoring & display and data analysis on computer.