Flow over Weirs and Notches (SMT-FM-07-A)

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discharge measurement in open channels using
2 measuring weirs
measuring weirs for installation in the HM 150 experimental flume
weir with V-profile
weir with rectangular profile
Technical specifications

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Sharp-crested weirs are a type of control structure that dam up an open channel in a
defined manner. They are often used to determine the discharge of an open channel.
Trainer contains two different plate weirs as sharp-crested weirs. The two weirs are typical
measuring weirs with defined weir openings: in the Thomson weir the opening is triangular;
in weir it is rectangular. The weirs are installed and screwed in place into the base module.
The weir can be installed and replaced quickly and easily. Water from the small
experimental flume in it flows over the weir being investigated. A level gauge for detecting
the head is included in the delivery. The head is used to determine the discharge, which is
then compared to the measured values from trainer.