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The Process Control Trainer provides user ability to control Flow Control. Further details are as follow
Flow Control
User can control flow of water manually, through ON/OFF control or through software PID control
PID parameters are controllable and graph plotting is also available.
Technical Specifications:

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Process Control technology has greatly expanded the variety of tasks performed by instrument technicians
at industrial plants. They must calibrate, troubleshoot, and repair instruments ranging from pneumatic
booster relays to microprocessor-based automatic controllers. To successfully perform these tasks without
adversely affecting plant production and maintenance costs, effective training is essential.
The SMT-9204 Flow Process Control system is designed for hands-on training in the measurement,
control and troubleshooting of industrial processes. The trainers can operate independently, or be
combined together in different configurations to simulate more-complex processes. The Temperature use
water as the process media. Student courseware starts with an introduction to the basic characteristics of
main process variables, and proceeds progressively to the study of process fundamentals, calibration of
sensing devices and transmitters, and the operation of microprocessor-based controllers. Closed-loop
control of processes and troubleshooting exercises are an integral part of the training program, and
computer-based training and simulation software provides flexibility when adding to or upgrading existing
Process Control Trainer contains an educational board with a pressurized vessel and a set of sensors
and actuators for Flow. A control module, containing the interface circuits for the sensors and the
actuators and the ON/OFF, proportional, integral and derivative control circuits (PID).