Flow Visualization (Hele-Shaw) Apparatus (SMT-FM-12)

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Visually effective demonstration of a wide variety of
flow patterns around different shapes
Apparatus use Water as flowing medium and ink as
contrast medium
The upper glass plate, hinged for interchanging
Bottom plate with water connections for generating
Sources/sinks can be combined as required
Different drag bodies and changes in cross-section
Rubber plate for creating your own models included
Flow velocity, water supply and water drain in
sources/sinks as well as dosage of the contrast
medium can be adjusted by using valves
Flow rate determined by SMT-FM-100 base module.
Water supply using SMT-FM-100 base module.
Technical Specifications:

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This ESOLS Product of Fluid Mechanics related labs used to study various source and sink
arrangements, and look at flow around an unlimited variety of different shaped models. This
Apparatus can be used to visualize streamline fields for flows around drag bodies and flow
through changes in cross-section.
The streamlines are displayed in color by injecting a contrast medium (ink). Sources and sinks
are generated via four water connections in the bottom plate. The streamlines can be clearly
observed through the glass plate during flow around and flow through. The water flow rate
and the quantity of contrast medium injected can be adjusted by valves. The water
connections are also activated by valves and can be combined as required. Individual models
can be cut out of a rubber plate that is included.