Flow Visualization (SMT-FM-43)

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Unit for demonstrating flow lines, for
use with the Basic Hydraulics Bench.
Contrast medium: ink, injection via 15
Length: 700 mm x Width: 430 mm.
Height: 180 mm, 17 kg.
Water as flowing medium, injection of
ink in flow chamber.
8 different drag bodies.
Simulation of flow sources and flow
sinks possible.
Scope of Delivery: 1 unit, 1 set of drag
bodies, 2 bottles of ink 30ml, 1
instruction manual.
Technical specification

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Flow Visualisation Apparatus uses water as the following medium. The size and shape of the
unit match the basic hydraulic bench, however the unit can also be operated without the
bench. During the experiments on various drag bodies, ink is injected through fine nozzles
into a horizontal flow chamber. The chamber is covered with a glass panel so that the
streamlines can be clearly observed. Flow sources and sinks can be simulated using 4
additional holes in the chamber. The distribution and amount of ink injected can be adjusted
with manual valves.