Fluid Friction Mesurements Apparatus (SMT-FM-24)

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Investigation of pressure losses in piping elements and shut-off devices
Different measuring objects for determining flow rate according to the differential pressure method
Six pipe sections capable of being individually shut off, with different piping elements: sudden
contraction, sudden enlargement, y-pieces, t-pieces, corners and bends
Technical specifications

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Pressure losses occur during the flow of real fluids due to friction and turbulence (vortices).
Pressure losses in pipes, piping elements, fittings and measuring instruments (e.g. flow
meter, velocity meter) cause pressure losses and must therefore be taken into account
when designing piping systems. It allows to study the pressure losses in pipes, piping
elements and shut-off devices. In addition, the differential pressure method is presented for
measuring the flow rate. The experiments measure the pressure losses in pipes and piping
elements, such as branches and bends. The opening characteristic of the shut-off devices
are also recorded. The pressures are measured with tube manometers.