Flywheel Apparatus (SMT-TM-15)

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Material: Steel
Thickness: 40mm
Mass: 22.5kg.
Mass moment of inertia: 0.25kgm².
Set of weights
1x 1N (hanger).
4x 1N.
3x 5N.
Base plate – WxH: 250x200mm.
LxWxH: 250x350x1500mm
Weight: approx. 30kg
Technical Specifications:

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Using the Apparatus basic experiments on uniformly accelerated angular motion can be
performed. The experimental unit comprises a flywheel with shaft, a cable and a set of
weights. The shaft forms the axis of rotation in the centre of gravity of the flywheel. It is
mounted on two bearings. One end of the cable is attached to the shaft. A weight is attached
to the other end. The attached weight sets the flywheel in a uniformly accelerated motion.
The time needed to roll down is measured and compared to the times for other weights.
The mass moment of inertia of the flywheel is calculated from the measured time, the mass
of the flywheel and the acceleration distance.
The experimental unit is designed to be fixed to a wall.