Forces in a Jib Crane (SMT-MM-01)

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Spring balance for tensile forces: Tensile force:
0…50N, graduations 0.5N.
Spring balance for compressive forces: Pressure
force: 0…50N, graduations 1N.
Weight set – 1x 1N (hanger):
4x 1N.
1x 5N.
4x 10N.
Technical specification

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This Apparatus represents a planar central force system in which multiple forces act on a
single point of application. Based on the example of a crane jib, forces are determined
graphically and experimentally: resultant cable force, tensile force, compressive force. The
directions and magnitudes of the forces are determined graphically by way of a force
parallelogram. A bar of adjustable length and a chain make up the crane jib, which is attached
by adjustable clamp elements to a retaining bar. A variety of jib forms can be created. Loads
are applied to the crane jib. The occurring bar forces are indicated by integrated spring