Forces in Simple Bar Structure (SMT-MM-02)

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Resolution of forces in a single plane, statically
determinate system
3 node disks, 2 of which serving as supports
3 bars, each fitted with a leaf spring element and dial
2 fixed bar lengths, 1 variable bar length
5 different angles adjustable between bars
Storage system to house the components

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SMT-MM-02 represents a simple bar structure. In the single plane system the bars are only
subjected to compression and tension. Loads are applied only to the nodes. The unit
comprises three bars that are joined together using disks such that the joints are free to
move. A longitudinally adjustable bar permits the bar structure to be constructed with
different angles. The bars engage in the disks by snap-locks. Two of the node disks also form
the supports (fixed and movable) and are clamped to the sturdy aluminium section base
frame. The external load is applied to the upper nodal point by means of weights. The bar
forces occurring are measured by the deformation of leaf spring elements in the middle of
the bar.