Free and Forced Convection (SMT-HT-18)

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Investigate heat transfer in the air duct by forced
Study of free convection.
Air duct with axial fan.
4 heating elements with different geometries.
Continuously adjustable heating power and fan
Display of temperatures, heating power and air
Technical specification

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Convection is one of the three basic forms of heat transfer. Material-bound heat transport
takes place. During convection the fluid is in motion. The SMT-HT-18 offers basic experiments
for targeted teaching on the topic of free and forced convection on various heating elements.
At the heart of the experimental unit is a vertical air duct into which various heating elements
are inserted. An axial fan is located on top of the air duct. The fan draws in ambient air and
guides it through the air duct. The air flows past a heating element and absorbs heat. Four
heating elements with different geometries are available to be selected. In order to
investigate free convection, two of the four heating elements can be operated outside of the
air duct. The heating elements are designed in such a way to release heat only at their surface.
The compact design ensures rapid heating and a short time for experiments.