Frequency Division Multiplexing Transceiver Trainer (SMT-7104)

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Carrier 1: 455KHz Sine with gain adjust.
Carrier 2: 50MHz Sine with gain adjust.
Audio Generator 1: Frequency and Amplitude
adjustable. Frequency range up to 3.4KHz.
Audio Generator 2: Frequency and Amplitude
adjustable, Frequency range up to 3.4KHz.
Modulator: Balanced Modulator.
Demodulator: DSB Demodulator.
Band Pass Filter 1: Ceramic 455KHz.
Band Pass Filter 2: Ceramic 4.50MHz.
Amplifier: AC Amplifier with adjustable gain.
Low Pass Filter: 5th Order Butterworth Filter with
cut off frequency of 3.4 KHz.
Interconnection: 2mm gold plated pins.
Accessories: 2mm Patch Cords, Experiment
Manual and Power cord
Technical specification

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SMT-7104 FDM trainer explores concepts relating to Frequency Division multiplexing and Demultiplexing. This trainer is self-contained with two Audio inputs through audio generators
and two DSB Modulator and De-modulators.