Frequency Modulation Demodulation Trainer(SMT-7103)

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Audio Generator:
Frequency and Amplitude adjustable.
Frequency range up to 3.4 KHz.
FM Modulator Types:
Reactance Modulator.
Varactor Modulator.
Carrier Frequency: 455 KHz.
FM Demodulator Types:
Detuned Resonant.
Quadrature Detector.
Foster –Seeley.
Ratio – Detector.
Phase Locked Loop.
Low Pass Filter: 3.4 KHz Cut off Frequency.
Amplifier: AC Amplifier with adjustable gain.
Interconnections: 2 mm gold plated pins.
Accessories: Power cord, Experiment Manual, Set of patch cords.
Technical specification

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SMT-7203 is designed to Analyze the Techniques of Frequency Modulation & Demodulation
using Analog signals. Trainer consists of mainly two types of circuits namely, Modulator &
Demodulator. These circuits implement different Modulation & Demodulation techniques.