Friction on the Inclined Plane Apparatus (SMT-MM-16)

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Experiment relating to friction on the inclined plane.
Inclined plane with plastic coating, drag link with
angle scale and ball bearing-mounted deflection
Angle of plane adjustable.
4 samples.
Graduated weight set.
Technical Specifications:

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Friction experiments on the inclined plane help students to understand the fundamentals of
mechanical friction. The main elements of SMT-MM-16 are a sliding surface (the inclined
plane), with an adjustable angle of inclination, and different samples. A sample is moved from
the stationary state to the sliding state in two ways. In the first experiment, the plane is
carefully tilted until the sample begins to slide downwards and the downward force is greater
than the static friction force. In the second experiment, a load acts as a tensile force upon the
sample. The load is gradually increased until the sample begins to slide in a uniform motion.