Fuel Cell Trainer 200W Capacity (SMT-PP-04)

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Fuel Cell Module:
200W Fuel cell stack with a fuel cell controller, hydrogen flow meter and air supply, as well as five LED displays for visualization of all essential system parameters (current, voltage, temperature, fuel and air supply).
Electronic Load Module:
The electronic load enables manual or computer assisted adjustment of constant rated currents for the fuel cell for recording characteristic curves. With LED power display.
Dc/Dc Converter Module:
The module converts the unregulated output voltage of the fuel cell to 12 V DC voltage and can be used for an autonomous power supply to operated 12 V consumers. With LCD displays for useful power and internal consumption of the fuel cell system.
Traffic Light Module:
The LED traffic light is a realistic sample consumer on a 12 V basis at the output of the DC/DC converter.
H2 Storage Module:
The metal hydride canister as Fuel Cell Trainer module with a two-storage pressure reducer provides convenient hydrogen supply to the fuel cell for an entire practicum day without compressed gas canisters or the hydrogen generator.
Optional Software:
ESOLS Data Acquisition with software under Windows 7,8.1,10 Via USB Connection.
Technical Specifications:

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This trainer has been designed for the study of fuel cell systems. It teaches their engineering principles and it allows performing a set of experiments for educational purposes. The trainer is very flexible, modular and suitable for the understanding of basic principles as well as more complex technology concepts. It is safe and easy to be operated. Optional Data Acquisition with software under Windows 7,8.1,10 Via USB Connection.