Fundamental of Statics Apparatus (SMT-MM-00)

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The compact table top unit.
The experimental setup to demonstrate
simple, planar force systems
The panel with rails around the edges for easy
mounting of various experimental
The panel with imprinted 50mm line grid and
facility to write on using erasable marker
Lever rods with 50mm grid
Wide range of mountings: cables, rods,
pulleys, torque disks, pivot bearings and the
Force gauges for tensile and compressive
Storage system to house all parts
2 weight sets.
Spring balance.
Detailed Instructional Manual Included.
Technical Specifications:

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This unit used to study principles of statics such as the equilibrium of forces and moments,
resolution of forces, the law of levers, and more. This is table mount compact unit. All parts
required for the experiment can be quickly attached to the rails around the edges. The
imprinted line grid and grid-marked lever rods permit precise assembly. The lengths marked
on the grid make it easy to define angles. A wide range of mountings, such as cables, rods,
pulleys, torque disks, pivot bearings and the like, can be easily fixed in place and combined.
Ball bearings integrated into the panel permit low-friction torque experiments. Force gauges
are particularly well suited to demonstration purposes.
As a special teaching aid, it is possible to write directly on the panel with erasable markers.
Markings, sketches and comments can be added to supplement the experiments. All parts
are clearly laid out and well protected on a storage system.
Three supplementary sets are available to extend the scope of experimentation, providing
additional experiments relating to the inclined plane, friction, pulley blocks and gear wheels.