Gas Absorption and Desorption Column Plant with 7” Touch LCD and DAQ Software (SMT-CP-103)

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Complete stand-alone unit to demonstrate and measurement of Gas absorption and Desorption in
Touch LCD 7’’ with GUI Interface for better monitoring and accurate measurement of Plant
DAQ Software for PC Connect and Data measurement and Calculations.
Separation of CO2/air mixture by absorption in counter flow with water.
Production of gas mixture using CO2 from compressed gas cylinder and ambient air.
Adjustment of mixing ratio using valves compressor for delivering the gas mixture into the
absorption column.
Borosilicate Glass absorption column (packed bed) and desorption column.
Continuous solvent regeneration in circuit with desorption column under vacuum.
1 pump for desorption column and 1 pump for returning solvent to absorption column.
Water temperature control with heater and refrigeration system.
Digital Instrumentation for accurate measurement.
Technical Specifications:

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As Absorption is used to remove one or more gaseous components from a gas flow using a
solvent. In this Apparatus first of all, a CO2 and air gas mixture are produced. It is possible
to adjust the mixing ratio using valves. The flow rates of the gas components are displayed
on LCD Display.
A compressor delivers the gas mixture into the lower section of the absorption column. In
the column, part of the CO2 is separated in the counter-flow with the solvent. Water is used
as the solvent. The CO2 is absorbed by the downward flowing water. To separate the
absorbed CO2, the charged water is then fed from the lower section of the absorption column
into a desorption column. As the pressure is reduced and the temperature is increased, the
solubility of the CO2 falls. A heater heats the water. A water jet pump generates negative
pressure in the desorption column and causes the CO2 gas to be emitted from the water. A
pump then delivers the regenerated solvent back into the absorption column.