Gear Train Apparatus (SMT-TM-04)

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Investigation of single-stage or multistage spur
Investigation of planetary gears driven by
Determine the transmission ratio by counting
the revolutions of the driven gears.
Base plate with storage for components.
Technical specification

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The gear is the element of a machine that transmits and transforms motion. A gear comprises
at least one drive, an output and a frame. Gear drives are uniform translation gears. The
rotary motion is transferred from one shaft to a second through positive transmission by
gears. In spur gears, the gears are mounted on parallel axles. The drive and the output shaft
are arranged in parallel. Planetary gears are a type of spur gears, in which the drive and the
output shafts are on the same axle. The rail is locked in experiments with spur gears.
Depending on the aim of the experiment, one or two additional axles can be positioned on
the rail. The gears can be coupled to each other via driving pins or to the fixed axle. It is driven
by hand. The full revolutions are counted to determine the transmission ratio.