HVAC System Trainer (SMT-RAC-05)

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Effect of typical air conditioning system components on the conditioning of room air.
Air conditioning system with open air duct.
Air conditioning system with air cooler, steam humidifier, fan, air preheaters and re heater.
All components can be switched on and off individually.
Determination of the volumetric air flow rate by differential pressure measurement using an inclined tube
Combined sensors for the air humidity and temperature before and after each stage.
Sensor for the pressure and temperature of the refrigerant.

Technical specification

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In many daily situations the condition of the ambient air does not meet requirements for e.g.
a tropical greenhouse, the manufacture of sensitive components or even comfortable offices.
The flow velocity, temperature and humidity of the air can be modified by air conditioning
systems in accordance with the requirements for the desired room climate.
The trainer SMTRAC-05 examines the operation and effect of the individual components of an
air conditioning system. SMT-RAC-05 includes all the components also used in building services engineering.
Particular importance was placed on the use of original components.