Hydraulic Bench (SMT-FM-100)

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Base module for supplying experimental units in
fluid mechanics.
Electronics flow meter and LCD Display for better
display and accurate results.
Closed water circuit with storage tank, submersible
pump and measuring tank.
Measuring tank divided in two for volumetric flow
rate measurements.
Measuring beaker with scale for very small
volumetric flow rates.
Measurement of volumetric flow rates by using a
Work surface with integrated flume for experiments
with weirs.
Work surface with inside edge for safe placement of
the accessory and for collecting the dripping water.
Storage tank, measuring tank and work surface
made of GRP.
Lockable wheels for mobility with stability
Technical Specifications:

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This ESOLS Engineering product used in Fluid Mechanics Lab and Water supply related
laboratories to supply controlled flow of water to a wide variety of laboratory experiment
modules (available separately). This Bench has a large base tank to supply water to the
modules and the closed water circuit consists of the underlying storage tank with a powerful
submersible pump and the measuring tank arranged above, in which the returning water is
Main Frame is of stainless steel and corrasion proof. Both upper and lower tubs are made of
fiberglass. It has a hand-operated water control valve adjusts the water flow rate from the
pump. An electrical box on the side of the bench includes the Electronic pump switch, circuit
protection and a digital LCD display of flow rate.
System has optional software for Monitoring and Control of water circulation.