Hydraulic Ram Pump (SMT-FM-10)

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Formation and effect of water hammer
Pumping using water hammer
Fixed overflow tank is used as a water source,
e.g. River, pool
Elevated tank with variable pump head
Waste valve with adjustable lift, closes
cyclically due to flow force of the water
Tank with check valve and air volume is used
as an air vessel
Technical specifications

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Abruptly interrupting the water flow can cause water hammer in the pipeline. This generally
undesired effect is used specifically in special equipment (hydraulic ram) to raise water to a
higher level. Unlike conventional pumps, no additional mechanical drive is required here. It
can be used to demonstrate the formation and effect of water hammer and to study how a
hydraulic ram works. The water is fed to the ram via a long pipe at a gradient. Above a certain
water velocity the waste valve in the ram closes automatically, due to the flow forces. This
happens suddenly, so that the kinetic energy of the water in the pipe is converted into
potential pressure energy. The pressure opens a check valve and the water flows into an air
vessel. The air cushion in the air vessel dampens the water hammer and ensures a uniform lift
into the elevated tank. After the water hammer has subsided, the waste valve opens due to
the dead weight, the water in the pipe starts to flow again and the process repeats itself.