Marcet Boiler for Vapour Pressure of Water (SMT-HT-06)

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Touch LCD with GUI Interface for better monitoring and accurate measurement of Plant variables.
Measuring a vapour pressure curve for saturated vapour.
Stainless steel Pressure boiler with insulating jacket.
Temperature limiter and safety valve protect against overpressure in the system.
Bourdon tube pressure gauge to indicate pressure.
ESOLS DAQ Software for monitoring and control.
Technical Specifications:

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ESOLS Marcet Boiler is a simple experiment to show the relationship between pressure and
temperature for saturated (wet) steam for comparison with ESOLS DAQ Software as optional
accessory. When a fluid is heated in a closed tank, the pressure increases as the temperature
rises. Theoretically, the pressure increase is possible up to the critical point at which the
densities of the fluid and gaseous phases are equal. Fluid and vapour are then no longer
distinguishable from each other. This knowledge is applied in practice in process technology
for freeze drying or pressure cooking. The SMT-HT-06 experimental unit can be used to
demonstrate the relationship between the pressure and temperature of water in a
straightforward manner. Temperatures of up to 200°C are possible for recording the vapour
pressure curve. The temperature and pressure can be continuously monitored via a digital
temperature Touch LCD display and a Bourdon tube pressure gauge.
The unit has Touch LCD display for visualization of process and the measurements. The Unit
is also connected to Software for computer connectivity and data analysis. The Touch screen
and computer software is included in the package.